Cardan Shaft Supplier

Cardan Shaft Supplier.Dullabh commercials is one of the leading manufacturing export house of cardan shafts (universal coupling), universal joints in india. Established in Manufacturer of Cardan Shafts - Rolling Mills Cardan Shaft, Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft, Small Cardan Shaft and Cardan Shaft With Coupling offered by Vipul ...Manufacturer and Exporter of Cardan Shaft, Universal Joint Shaft, Cardan Shaft Assembly, Drive Shaft Assembly, Cross Joint, Propeller Shaft,it has grown to become pioneer in development & production of industrial Cardan shafts with well manufacturing Unit in New Delhi, India. In a long history our products are manufactured under strict quality norms with high quality material. Our products are specially designed to ensure longer life, better balance for high reliability. Our diverse product line enables us to cover all industrial requirements.We are one of the leading manufacturers of this Cardan Shaft. Manufactured using high quality raw materials this product is highly durable in nature. Our motto is to deliver to our industrial patrons this high quality range of Cardan Shaft. Our motto is to deliver to our industrial.

01 Cardan Shaft

Cardan Shaft

universal joints with standard and specialized applications. Our universal joints meet a wide range of system designs and requirements considered. two steel gears which engage in a sleeve of high grade polyamide material which has very good strength over a wide range of temperature. The steel gears have curved top surface to allow axial and angular misalignment .No lubrication or any other maintenance is required. This coupling operates silently and can be installed easily.Our Products combines innovative global delivery and quality leadership to take the surprise out of projects. These have helped us set benchmarks in execution excellence that has translated into measurable results for our customers. We have an extensive list of satisfied users in a variety of industries which includes domestic international.Most of the manufacturing is done in-house including critical operations.Our products are specially designed to ensure longer life, better balance for high reliability. Our diverse product line enables us to cover all industrial requirements.

02 Universal Coupling

Universal Coupling

It is a rigid coupling that connects two shafts, whose axes intersect if extended. It consists of two forks which are keyed to the shafts. The two forks are pin joined to a central block, which has two arms at right angle to each other in the form of a cross . The angle between the shafts may be varied even while the shafts are rotating. Can be used as a linkage, or transmission, between two intentionally misaligned shafts, rather than just as a flexible coupling .Lawn and garden equipment, conveyors and material handling equipment, food processing equipment

03 Universal Shaft

Universal Shaft

Universal Shafts, or even called u-joints, facilitate reliable torque transfer between spatially remote drive and output trains. Cardan shafts from "DULLABH" offer suitable mechanical drive solutions in nearly all industrial sectors due to their versatile design and their high efficiency.Our weight-optimised, energy-efficient, high-performance universal joint shafts are developed by using advanced methods and FEM calculations to provide optimal tube wall strengths and diameters for high torsion and bending resistance.We use tempered steel and case-hardened steel for our u-joints. Calibrated precision steel tubes are used for particularly demanding solutions.

04 Universal Joint

Universal Joint

Our company is a Universal Joint Manufacturer in India offering universal joint crosses, which are known for their precise design & durability. Manufactured from qualitative raw materials, these crosses are available in various sizes and shapes, thus meeting the requirements of our clients. These are available at most competitive prices for buyers. Universal joint crosses are connectors used to transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another shaft that is not in line with the first, or when alignment varies during service. A coupling that allows different parts of a machine not in line with each other some freedom of movement at the same time as transmitting rotary motion.

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